Yes, the stars of the weekend are the hot-air balloons.

Hot-air balloons are what got this event started back in 2009. From a small gathering of a dozen balloons one Friday night, the New Smyrna Beach Balloon & Sky Fest has grown into a world class three-day aviation, entertainment, and educational event.

But hot-air balloons are at the center of the event's heritage, and they are still the centerpiece of the weekend.



Q:  When can I see the balloons?
A:  They are scheduled to inflate for the Balloon Glows on Friday and Saturday evenings (7:00 pm, leading into the Night Air Shows), and they are scheduled to fly passengers on Saturday and Sunday mornings at sunrise.*

Q:  Can I ride in a hot-air balloon?
A:  Yes!  See the RIDES page for all the details.

Q:  What balloons are coming to Balloon & Sky Fest?
A:  Many colorful balloons are scheduled to participate in Balloon & Sky Fest.  A couple of the very special-shape balloons include HAM-LET (the world’s largest flying pig) Sugar Bear, and Pepe Le Pew, the flying skunk.

Q:  What’s the “Balloon Experience?”
A:  If you've ever wondered how hot-air balloons work or about the history of ballooning, just visit the large BALLOON EXPERIENCE tent near Show Center, adjacent to Balloon Island. Here you will be able to look over balloon parts, see a balloon basket and meet a licensed balloonist who can answer your questions.


For more information on attending, please contact:

Roger D. Clark - Balloon Meister
Skype: FLPylot
Yahoo IM: ESHPylot



* Hot-air balloons are very sensitive to winds and weather, and they can’t inflate or fly if the winds are more than approximately 8 mph.



New Smyrna Beach Balloon & Sky Fest 2014 | March 28-30 - New Smyrna Beach, FL
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